October 2015

Ship Navigation Simulation with TUFLOW and REMBRANDT


BMT WBM and BMT ARGOSS have collaborated on a number of recent projects to deliver ship navigation simulation services. These projects combine outputs from TUFLOW or TUFLOW FV models with the REMBRANDT (Real Time Manoeuvring, Berthing, And Training Simulator) ship manoeuvring simulation software developed by BMT ARGOSS.

The first stage of these assessments involves the TUFLOW model(s) being used to simulate the waterway of interest. The modelled flow conditions are then used as input to REMBRANDT which simulates the current forces and moments on the ship’s hull (or other type of vessel being simulated).

Outputs from TUFLOW and TUFLOW FV models have also been used in support of ship simulation studies at other facilities around the world. For more information about please Matt Barnes.